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Veterinary Services

Veterinary services at your disposal

servicos veterinarios

The team work of the Veterinary Clinic of Vilamoura is comprised of physicians and nurses dedicated to ensuring all necessary medical care for the welfare of your pet.

We have prepared for you modern facilities that offer the best diagnostic and surgical equipment.

We are proud of the recognition from our customers in the efficient and professional management organization for animal health with its healthy and happy with us animals.

Practice services from routine vaccinations, deworming and consultations to advanced diagnostics and veterinary treatments.

We as specific areas for action

  • dermatology,
  • ophthalmology,
  • stomatology,
  • orthopedics,
  • preventive medicine,

among others.

As in human medicine, our pets need specialized medical treatment of their diseases, as well as performing the most challenging aesthetic, preventive or curative surgery.

It is in the area of veterinary surgery our professionals stand out either by experience, training and constant innovation in surgical equipment present.

Highlight our fully equipped operating theater allowing the gas to anesthesia with isoflurane safer for your pet, with all vital parameters monitored.

Are referenced by several clinics in the Algarve in the area of ​​general and orthopedic surgery, collaborating with your veterinarian on the communication of clinical signs and treatments.

The Veterinary Clinic of Vilamoura offers permanent emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with veterinarians dedicated to specific areas of veterinary medicine.

In addition to cats and dogs, provide veterinary care to animals and other small mammals.

In birds and reptiles medicine, veterinarians recommend experts in the field, with all needed for the perfect diagnosis and treatment means.

We provide professional service Home Vet.

  • Consultations,
  • vaccinations
  • deworming,
  • medical monitoring,
  • diagnostics
    • electrocardiography
    • ultrasound (monitoring of pregnancies)

All treatments in the comfort of your home, for your convenience.

Euthanizing animals patients without the possibility of cure or treatment may be carried out in phases when they are lost of quality of life.

We believe that comfort transmits peace and security, and is in his house that he feels better.

If you're thinking about traveling, we treat all

To enter pet in foreign countries, there are necessary requirements that must be addressed in advance:

  • passports
  • vaccinations,
  • blood tests
  • serology for rabies.

If you plan to travel to England, we recommend that you contact us with six months in advance so that all procedures are properly treated.

Products that make a difference for quality and design.

We have prepared for you a Pet-Shop, with all accessories for dogs, cats and other pets

We work with exclusive suppliers. You can order by catalog comfortably, safely.

Pamper your animal and make him a star.

Browse our services and get to know us.

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Veterinary Clinic of Vilamoura

Vets Bruno Silva | Rui Lima

Av, Eng João Meireles 8125 Vilamoura, Algarve - Portugal

Phone: (+351) 289 312 709

Cellphone & nbsp; Veterinary emergency

(+351) 91 900 40 50


Clinica Veterinaria

Veterinary Clinic